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kuki Sticker Set // "Hands Speak" 4 x 3 Aufkleber

kuki Sticker Set // "Hands Speak" 4 x 3 Aufkleber

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Die universelle Sprache der Hände gibt es nun auch auf Stickern. Spread the good vibes. 

Die Motive sind ursprünglich in Stempelschnitt per Hand-Druck entstanden.

5 cm x 7,5 cm

you can do it du kannst es schaffen

forever für immer

Moin& Manaste =  Hallo & I greet the divine in you

Hands Speak
This sticker set comes in a beautiful size of 52 x 74 mm and is ready to spread the good vibes of the universal language.
The motifs are originally created with a rubber stamp and by hand printing.

MOIN is a regional greeting in northern Germany, It is similar to Hello, Good Day or Greetings. NAMASTE is a commonly used greeting in India and other spiritual circles. It expresses respect and recognition for the other person. Loosely translated into English it means: "I greet the divine in you".
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